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Located at the south of the equator line (2000 kms approximately) and at the eastern side of the Madagascar (900 Kms Approximately), Mauritius is blessed to have a pleasant weather full of breeze throughout the year.

Full of green vegetation and blushful colours the Island of Mauritius is Lush green. Being a perfect place to holiday at anytime of the year, Mauritius has no fixed visitors but many that reach here from all around the globe.

Being a tropical Island (due to the Indian Ocean) in nature due to the equator line, this place has no well defined wet or dry seasons.

The Season Catalogue

- Winters: May to October (Temperature of around 22 degrees)
- Summers: November to April (Temperature of around 26 degrees)
- Warm Months: January and February (Humidity is on the higher side with 28 degrees, rainfalls and cyclones)
- Coolest Months: July (Temperature of around 21 degrees)

Our Experts Suggestion: the best time to visit will be the month of July due to the coolest and the most pleasant season of the city.