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Water Ski

Water SkiFeel like a dolphin with one of the most popular water adventure sport at Mauritius, the water ski. This sport is majorly functional at the islands and the coast locations of the Mauritius city. This sport is available at selective locations only.

What is water ski?

Water ski is an amazing adventure sport in which one or more people are pulled via a motor boat. Holding the tow rope, the skier is able to stand over the skimming water over the surface area of the ski.

The Hot Spots

Starting your water skiing at the lagoon under the supervision of experts, you are towed behind the boat holding on with the tow rope. This activity is majorly on at the Grand Baie (Mauritius North West). Post skiing you’re taken to the shore Therefore the north zone of this island is among the top places for the water ski. Also to mention, that the experts do check the calmness of the sea. If the tides are too high, you can’t be skiing.

Time Duration

Total duration for this activity is 30 minutes that includes about 15 minutes of the water skiing.

Note on your Checklist

- Functional hours of water skiing is from 9:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs
- Age of 6 and above is allowed
- No physical conditions required as such