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Visit to Mauritius Safari & Bird Park

Visit to Mauritius Safari & Bird ParkTouring with the cute dolphins and beautiful birds at the southwest part of Mauritius is a dream come true for every tourist. Visiting the beautiful safari and bird parks of Mauritius is what you can never miss when visiting Mauritius.

The main sites

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That’s true! Here we have listed some amazing sites that you must visit when taking up your safari and bird park trip.

They are as follows:-

- 7 colored earth park
- Safari and bird park
- The village of Chamarel
- Yemen nature reserve
- Chamarel Nature falls
- View the Tamarian Salt pans
- Swim with the dolphins (time limit 2.5 hours)

Here you can take up your bus safari trip, speed boat and a lot more for your excursion. Swim along with the beautiful ducks and the dolphins, witness the nature and it will love you back.

Also, you can witness three types of species of the dolphins which are:-
- The dolphins
- The spinner dolphins
- The bottlenose dolphins

Safety Rules

- Dolphin swimming duration : 2.5 Hours
- This is a Speed boat excursion
- Participants have to be Physically and mentally sound
- Pregnant women are not allowed for their safety