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Mauritius is a shopping hub for one and all. From the Cashmere Pashmina to the beautiful and glittering diamond necklaces, you can have it all here and take it back home. For the food lovers, if you wish to decorate your kitchen then do take up some colourful baskets or pick up some rack of aromatic spices that you’ll love to use in your food.

- Duty and Customs: there are many duty free items that are available on the list that you would like to buy in Mauritius. Some of them are like that of cellular phones, camera, cinematography accessories, paintings, antiques, telephonic elements, binoculars, engravings as well as sunglasses.
Jewels, perfumes, cosmetics and the leatherwear items are completely duty free!

- Tax and Refunds: authorised by Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), the tourist at the city of Mauritius are allowed to take up the goods that are available tax free (majorly outside the airport). You can claim your VAT refund at the airport counter as per the MCCI guidelines.