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Sea Kayaking Trip

Sea Kayaking TripThe leading kayaking trip at Mauritius is a great way to feel the exhilarating waters and the wonderful sun. Under the supervision if the years and years of experts, you can choose to cruise for half day or full day of the sea kayaking trip! Your best time is your Sea Kayaking trip where you can spend a quality time with your family and friends. No need for your cell phones, all you’ve got to do is explore the beauty of the sandy beaches and the lagoons.

The Sea Kayaking Trip

This excursion is majorly a nature dedicated excursion. The top priority of this excursion is to know why the preservation of the nature and the natural habitat is important.

You’ll surely have a good time when you feel the breeze and the calmness of the sea around you. Go the nature way only with sea kayaking trip.

Time Duration

Total duration for this activity is three and a half hours for the half day and 6 and a half hour for your full day. This also includes your safety checks.

Note on your Checklist

- Functional hours of sea kayaking trip is from 9:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs
- Available changing room facilities
- Age of 8 and above is allowed
- Participants have to be Physically and mentally sound
- Water Juice, Lunch and snacks are provided
- Pictures with your flora and fauna allowed
- Valuable storage equipped kayaks