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Rock Climbing

rock-climbing-mauritiusSettling for the Stone Age, rock climbing is a safe and insured activity by the experts at Mauritius. This is considered to be an energy consuming sport and therefore, it is a half day excursion activity. Also, to mention that the site of the rock climbing is UIAA certified.

Are you ready to get the feel of an early man of the Stone Age at the rock climbing route? Get set going with this outdoor sport which will be performed under the supervision and safety checks of the experts.

Mauritius south west cost is the arena to take up this adventure sport. Also to mention, the starting point of the route will be the Albion Lighthouse.

Time Duration

Total duration for this activity is three and a half hours. This also includes your safety checks.

Note on your Checklist

- Functional hours of Rock climbing activity is from 9:00 hrs to 12:30 hrs
- Sunscreen and waterproof camera are advised
- Age of 12 and above is allowed
- Participants have to be Physically and mentally sound
- Water and cereal bars are provided
- No alcohol, cigarettes or any precious jewels allowed
- You must be proficient in English or French to understand the safety brief