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Mauritius Culture

Based on the diversity of the settled population, Mauritius is a country where all choose to live in harmony. Be it the Hindus, Muslims, Tamils, Buddhists, Christians etc, all are free to practice their own religions as well as cultural beliefs. Therefore, there is no official religion or a majority that we could say dominates this place.

Mauritius in a true sense is among the safest and secular places to be at. This is a land of the best and the glittering multicultural society. The most heart warming part is that all the descents work together, play together, and eat together and also they celebrate each other’s festivities together. Such an authentic diversity to witness!

Religious stats of Mauritius

- Hinduism 52%
- Roman Catholicism 31%
- Islam 16% - More of Sunnis; a few are Shias as well as Ahmadis
- Buddhism 1%
For the tourists : You will certainly enjoy the heart warming culture of Mauritius.