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Île aux Cerfs Island

Île aux Cerfs IslandLie aux Cerf’s is an island near the east coast of Mauritius. In English it is known as the deer island. Instead of deer, there are number of beautiful beaches on this island. These are considered as the worlds beautiful beaches. Tours are organized to this island for natives as well travelers.

This island is famous for its sandy beaches. It is also famous for its beautiful lagoon and different selective activities and facilities. This is the place for fun and relaxation, enjoyment of water sports, swimming and snorkeling in the warm waters and delicious food.

The beaches are full of palm trees and pure white sand. Time is flying away on these beaches while doing different activities like swimming, soaking up some sun etc. Different facilities are also provided for travelers’ comforts. Beach backrest is provided if someone would like to soak up some sun.

Parasailing activity can also be organized on these beaches. Parasailing offers a breathtaking, bird’s eye view of the island, its beautiful beaches, and the stunning east coast lagoon. This experience will be something different and the most memorable moment of Mauritius trip.

As this is the most favorite place of the travelers, many number of day tours are organized by different operators, taking into the consideration the liking and preferences of the travelers. They try to make the journey most comfortable and enjoyable for the travelers.

This island is full of different water sports, water skiing, banana, glass bottom boats. The coral reef is beautiful and full of marine life and together with the large black rocks that protrude into the water. It is an ideal place to snorkel and enjoy the rich underwater world.

Don’t miss this place ever.