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Ile aux Cerf’s Beach

Ile aux Cerfs Beach Also known as the Deer Island, the Ile aux Cerf’s Beach is located at the Eastern coast of Mauritius. If you are a nature lover then you are certainly going to bond with the scenic beauty of this island.

Looking for not little but a WHALE of time, the visit to this paradise island will be a breathtaking one for you. Earlier the striking part of this beach was the beautiful deer’s but unfortunately they are not a part of this beach anymore. If you’re lucky, you’ll definitely spot one. You will also come across the beauty of rocks and the coral reef at this beach which is no less than a haling magnificent beauty.

The clear blue tone water and the exotic marine life will woo your heart!
How to reach the Island : Via boat you travel and enjoy your yummy barbeque

Activities to do

- Surfing
- Diving
- Love swimming? A leisure time for your swimming at this natural water is a must
- Explore the Marine life
- Boating
- Playing Golf
- Enjoying the Bars
- Discotheques (BEST FEATURE)
- Top end hotels (BEST FEATURE)
- Water Skiing etc and many other fun to do activities at the Ile aux Cerf’s Beach

Popular Hotels

When it comes to the hotels, you will witness some amazing five star hotels here that are equipped with the golf playing facilities and are also among the top hot property’s of the land of Mauritius.

P.s :- Do not forget to take your camera along to capture the mesmerizing beauty of this place.