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Ile Aux Aigrettes

Ile Aux AigrettesIle Aux Aigrettes is a tiny coral island just off the coast of the town of Mahebourg. It is a conservation site. It has got its name from a colony of Egrets, which inhabited the island during the 1600’s. Egrets are graceful white fishing birds with long legs.

The history says that during Second World War, this place was used by British as a military base. Thereafter, this place was privately leased and was used for breeding of goats.

Presently, this island has been declared a nature conservation site and is being preserved by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

From Pointe Jerome (near Mahebourg) it is a boat trip of about one and half hours. This boat trip is quite enjoyable as one can see and observe the original Mauritian nature. If you hire a guide, he can explain you about plants and animals, unique to Mauritius and found nowhere else in the world. Some of the plants found here, grow nowhere else in the world and they form the last remnant of a coastal forest that once surrounded much of Mauritius. 18 Mauritian plant species which grow on the island are classified as endangered or very rare.

There is a indigenous plant nursery also where you can have a look out for rare pink pigeon, the Mauritius Kestrel, endangered skinks and the giant tortoises. While wondering around, you can have the glimpse of the early history of Mauritius. Different types of beautiful trees with different names can be seen here.

A rare but beautiful place to be visited