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Horse Riding

Horse RidingWhen talking of the super rich domains in the nature walk, you cannot resist saying a NO to horse riding. At the South East part of Mauritius, you can take up the horse riding excursion and take a view of the nature’s indigenous beauty. From forests to the panoramic view to the Landscape Mountains; you have it all in this little place to witness and record in your mind for life. It is certainly going to be a lifetime experience.

Your Visit starts with a welcome drink and then you’ll be followed towards your horse riding excursion after a briefing about the safety rules.

Your Flora and Fauna gazing at your Horse Riding Trip
- Java stag deer’s (rare species of deer’s found in Mauritius)
- Mongoose
- Bats
- Monkeys
- Pigs
- Geckos
- Giant reptiles
- Skinks
- Butterflies
- Exotic Birds like “Cateau vert" and the "Crescerelle"

Safety Rules

- Activity Timings: Morning and Evening
- Horse Riding Trip duration : 2 Hours
- Maximum number of people at one time can be 4
- Age of 12 and above are allowed to participate (gallop level of 3)
- Horse is given to you according to your level of horse riding training
- Participants have to be Physically and mentally sound
Also, you can have your lunch here which is optional in your package. You’ll be charged ____ for a buffet Lunch.

Main Culinary items will be

- Chinese cabbage
- Caramelized papaya in fresh orange flavour
- Beef Dry Curry
- Lentils
- Coconuts & peanuts chutney
- Pumpkins
- Vegetables pickles
- Chicken in Creole Sauce
- Tomato Chutney
- Sautéed salted fish,
- Rice
- Aubergine Chutney
- Pasta Etc.