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Grand Baie Beach

Grand Baie BeachThe enchanting waters, the mushrooming hospitality, the picturesque locales, you have it all at this tourist centric Grand Bay Beach of Mauritius. Located at the heart of the northern coast, the grand bay beach is among the top tourist spots of Mauritius beaches.

The beauty and the amazing night life of this place is worth witnessing. When it comes to delivering you with the boom box surprise, Grand Bay Beach has not less but a complete surprise package to gift you with. You’ll surely enjoy the unlimited fun and booze here! .

Activities to do

- Surfing
- Diving
- Love swimming? A leisure time for your swimming at this natural water is a must
- Explore the Marine life
- Boating
- Enjoying the Bars
- Discotheques (BEST FEATURE)
- Top end hotels (BEST FEATURE)
- Water Skiing etc are the major fun to do activities at the Grand Bay Beach

Popular Hotels

- Merville Beach Hotel
- The Les Cocotiers Hotel
- Hotel Les Orchidees
- The Villa Narmada
- Veranda Grand Baie Hotel etc