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Food and Drink

- As wide as the variety of people and beaches, so is the variety of foods and drinks at the land of Mauritius. The birth of the Mauritian Cuisine was originated from the various descents like those of Indian, Creole, Chinese as well as European  Starting with the street foods of Mauritius, it is mainly common in the niche with the rotis, samosa’s, noodles, curried rolls as well as soups and what not.

- Another striking feature here are the Chinese who own most of the restaurants in the city side and still they combine their menu with the varieties of various ethnic based cuisines and culinary.

- Highlighting the staple food of Mauritius, it’s none other than Rice. Rice is generally eaten with a stew which comprises of ingredients like red meat, fish, copious spices etc.

- Coming to the variety of vegetables, the veggies that are available here are eaten in a readily manner. These include red pumpkins, greens, squash, chokos and what not!

- The town of Mauritius is all about the pinch of sauce and spice that gives the blend of a heritage flavours from the various backgrounds.

- Do not miss to experience the local flare or a ‘Table D’Hôte’

Some Items on the blend menu

- ‘dholl purri’ or wheat pancakes
- Faratas
- Samosas
- Curry and tomato sauce
- Gateaux Piments or Chilli Bites