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Eureka Creole House

Eureka Creole HouseEureka House is a unique Creole house built in 1830. It is located by the river of Moka. It is an elegant Creole residence originally by British and French aristocrats in the 19th Century. It is one of the largest houses on the Island. The house is filled with antiques and photos of the period. The house has a magnificent garden surrounded by water falls of the Moka River.

Eureka is constructed largely of wood and surrounded by a long, shady veranda. The garden consists of a curious mix of natural Mauritian plant life, including mango trees and palms, a waterfall and an English style garden.

Since 1986, this house has been opened as a museum. This house is like Hawa Mahal as it has 109 doors and windows. The intention behind it was to maximize the flow the cooling air in the hot summers.

The down stair of this house is fully furnished as per style and fashion of that period. The upstairs space is empty.

It seems, the cottages surrounding the house were meant for the servants.
At the back side of the house, there is hill. The view of this hill from the lawns of the building is stunning. It looks wonderful. There is a water fall also behind the house, which lies down the hill. A narrow path goes down wards the waterfall. It is a gorgeous waterfall. The flow of the water makes you forget the strain in reaching the place. The sound of the water falling down refreshes our mind.

Worth visiting place as in present days, neither this much area is available nor the architecture.