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Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park and Nature Reserve

crocodileAre you a reptile lover? Or have you ever dreamt of being around the reptiles and to see how beautiful do they look? Then the right place for you is to get to the Crocodile and Giant Tortoises Park and Nature Reserve at Mauritius.

About the Visit

Your guides will take you for some amazing nature walks that will become among those unforgettable moments of your lifetime. From the beautiful reptiles to the gazing of the natural life, you can stroll through the palm trees, giant bamboos, green luxury and what not.

One of the firsthand encounters that you would love will be with the giant tortoises. You can feed them; pet them play with them and feel the love of Mother Nature and how well do humans and animals can connect.

Keeping your safety in mind you will be taken to spot the Nile crocodiles as well.

Spot the beauty

You can visit the mini zoo of Mauritian fauna and find the beautiful reptiles like that of
- Mongoose
- Bats
- Monkeys
- Deer
- Pigs
- Geckos
- Giant reptiles
- Skinks
- Butterflies
- Exotic Birds
- Jungle adventure playground
- Hungry crocodile restaurant etc