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Chamarel Park – 7 colored earth and Charmarel falls

port-louis-mauritiusChamarel is a village whose population is the lowest in Mauritius. This village is primarily known for its scenic locations and nature attractions in its neighborhood. Seven colored earth, Chamarel Falls and Black River Gorges National park are the neighbors of this village.

The seven colored earth is a private property. The ground material of this area is washed out by wind, water and the humid climate that leads into decomposition of the basalt into clay. All the different colors can be seen best when there is bright sun shine. The colors are created by the chemical content present in the soil. It is said that if the colors are mixed together, they separate of their own.

On the side of the colored earth, there is a garden planted with different kinds of trees, endemic trees of Mauritius, well named with a sign.

The Chamarel water fall is another attraction of this area. It is quite exciting to see the water falling down for about 100 meters. This water fall can be seen even from a distance from the other side of gorge.

The National Park of Chamarel

Black River Gorge National park is located in Chamarel. There is a pavilion next to the view point in this park. It is a good place for picnic.

There is another great view point in this National Park in Chamarel. It seems, apes are there which can harm the travelers.

There are certain view points at Black River Gorges National park from where one can have good view of the coast and sea. This is possible because Mauritius is not a very big island.

Do visit this area during Mauritius trip.