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Cap Malheureux Beach

Cap Malheureux BeachPlay it cool at the small fishing village of Mauritius, the Cap Malheureux Beach. You can gaze through this beauty which is located at the northernmost tip of Mauritius and feel the love that nature has to embrace you with.

With a beautiful backdrop of green, blue and white, this place is blessed with the amazing breeze that makes it among the best tourist spots of the Mauritius beaches.

This place is blessed with the historical landmark that makes it one among thousands. The revel shade of the nature makes this beach an outstanding one. One of the amazing places is at the off coast like those of the Ile Plate.

When visiting the Cap Malheureux Beach, you out to visit Coin de Mire which is one of the rock points and also you must visit the famous lighthouse that is still there since the 1800’s.
The striking feature about this little village is the “homely feeling” that you get when you’re here.

Popular Hotels

- Capucine
- Cape Point Luxury,
- Villa Pomme d'Amour,
- Kuxville,
- Villa Le Phare etc

The good part is that you can enjoy the villas in the form of a house. They are completely equipped with a good kitchen, bedrooms and a house helper as well. These helpers are good with the cooking and can serve you with exotic dishes like those from the Indian to the Creole to European.
Therefore, you’ll love the hospitality here altogether!