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About Us

When you gazed at the stars and thought of the seashore, you thought of the beautiful and scenic locations around the world.

In this global era, life has become much more power pact. For your power pact life, you need is a good travel explorer, a great partner. We are a budding foundation is here to bling it up all for you!

Know us

ASTA approved, is a sister to the renowned ARV Holidays. We believe to serve you the international way, be it local or global. Truly dedicated to the touring land of Mauritius, we deal with each and every detail that we are ought to serve you with. Serving you internationally is not just our goal, but our gesture to the hospitality.

The Feather in our hat

Our expertise domain has had the prestigious honour to be recognized by the:-
- TOFTigers and
- Tripadvisor

More of us at Mauritius

Our travel experts are a team of professionals who monitor everything beforehand for you. They help you with your customized needs and offer you the tailor made services taking care of your comfort zone.

Managing the itinerary and various stopovers, they will help you to make your Mauritius travel among the best of the experience.

We know that we all are like birds, ready to fly and ready to try each and every place in the world.
Why not join us and make your Mauritius trip a Ravilishiouls one!
Mauritius-tourism, internationally yours...!